【Davinci resolve 18】EASY Motion Graphics with NO FUSION in DaVinci Resolve 18 | Step by Step – My Process

【Davinci resolve 18】EASY Motion Graphics with NO FUSION in DaVinci Resolve 18 | Step by Step – My Process

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Making awesome motion graphics in DaVinci Resolve doesn’t have to be hard and you can do it without any Fusion! I’ll take you step by step through my process of creating a cool motion graphics.

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0:00 Easy Motion Graphics
0:58 Idea/Concept
1:33 Elements We Need
2:558 Add VFX Energy
4:15 Add resolve Logo & Animate
6:47 Blend Modes for More Integration
8:06 Sound FX in Enhance VFX
8:55 Speed Up/Slow Down Clips
9:25 Composite Mode Tips
10:20 Adding SFX
10:43 Tire Skid
11:38 Impact SFX
12:37 SFX in Reverse
14:20 Add Music
15:51 Checkin Audio Levels
16:15 Dialogue Levels
16:35 Car Skid Levels & Blending
18:17 Energy Burst SFX Levels/Blending
19:18 Using Audio Keyframes
19:56 Music Levels
21:15 Adding Motion Blur to Resolve Logo
21:59 Turn Off Blur with Keyframe

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