【Davinci resolve 18】Can This MAGIC Effect Save Your Terrible Noisy Audio? Davinci Resolve 18 Voice Isolation TESTED!

【Davinci resolve 18】Can This MAGIC Effect Save Your Terrible Noisy Audio? Davinci Resolve 18 Voice Isolation TESTED!

Can you fix noisy, unintelligible audio in your videos with Davinci Resolve 18’s Voice Isolation? I asked @BeckiandChris @iPhonedo and @SidneyDiongzon to help me put it to the test!
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Faruk (iPhonedo) – https://www.youtube.com/iphonedo

Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
1:18 – How to use Davinci Resolve Voice Isolation
2:00 – Using voice isolation on audio clips
2:59 – Using voice isolation on an audio track
4:05 – Getting the test clips via Ci Media Cloud (sponsored)
5:30 – Test 1- Becki & Chris, far away mic with background noise
7:10 – Test 2 – Sidney Diongzon, water in background
8:40 – Test 3 – Vlogging in front of construction
9:28 – Test 4 – iPhonedo, music in background
10:50 – Final Thoughts
11:51 – Emo things

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