【Davinci resolve 18】STORYTELLING with Audio AUTOMATION 🎛️ in DaVinci Resolve 18 | Intro to Automation

【Davinci resolve 18】STORYTELLING with Audio AUTOMATION 🎛️ in DaVinci Resolve 18 | Intro to Automation

Audio Automation in DaVinci Resolve 18 allows you to change ANY AUDIO PARAMETER over time, kind of like ‘KEYFRAMES’ for video, but a little different. 😜 I’ll show you how you can use audio automation to tell a story with your audio and maybe even open your eyes to a whole new way to work with your audio!

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0:00 Intro to Automation
0:37 What is Audio Automation
2:19 Final Scene We Will End Up With
3:12 Where the Scene Started
4:08 Original Clip Before Automation
4:38 Create Story w/ Audio
5:07 Turn On Automation Tools
5:23 Automation Tools Quick Overview
6:06 EQ Automation – Bass to Metallic
6:35 TIP – Open Fairlight Viewer
8:26 How To Record EQ Automation
11:24 Volume Automation
13:14 Watch Out For This!
13:58 How to RE-DO an Automation
14:35 Pan Automation
17:47 How to SEE Automation Changes
19:09 Change Individual Automation Points
19:47 Deleting Automation Points
20:28 Wrapping it up
21:07 For Better/Smoother Automation

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