【Davinci resolve 18】NEW Color Features Tutorial – DaVinci Resolve 19! – My Top 5

【Davinci resolve 18】NEW Color Features Tutorial – DaVinci Resolve 19! – My Top 5

DaVinci Resolve 19 is here! – I’m a UK Broadcast Colorist, using Resolve professionally for 14 years. In this episode I take my first in-depth look at the exciting new features in DaVinci Resolve 19 and how I might use them in my broadcast workflow. These are some of the most exciting new features for a while and will certainly improve my own workflow.
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[English subtitles have been checked to assist those that rely on them].

00:00 Intro to DaVinci Resolve 19
00:15 Color Slice in Resolve 19
04:27 Film Look Creator in Resolve 19
07:24 Split Tone in Resolve 19
08:47 Defocus Background in Resolve 19
10:05 Ultra Noise Reduction in Resolve 19
10:58 Node Stacks in Resolve 19
16:26 Music Remixer in Resolve 19

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