【Davinci resolve 18】RESOLVE 19 CRASH COURSE – Davinci Resolve 19 Walkthrough [BEGINNER]

【Davinci resolve 18】RESOLVE 19 CRASH COURSE – Davinci Resolve 19 Walkthrough [BEGINNER]

Download the work files here: https://www.groundcontrol.film/starwars

Completely new to Resolve? Check out our FREE Intro course (4 hours!) to learn all the basics: https://youtu.be/qDHnCFMZ9HA

FREE Fusion Mini-Course: https://www.groundcontrol.film/survival-guide

The 9 Nodes You Need to Make (Almost) Anything in Fusion: https://www.groundcontrol.film/9-nodes-workshop

FUSION: ZERO TO HERO – The Ultimate Blackmagic Fusion Course (Great for Beginners!)

– Learn to make motion graphics and visual effects in DaVinci Resolve!



Pro Compositing & VFX in Fusion Course:


Pro Editing Workflow in DaVinci Resolve Course:


Pro Color Grading in DaVinci Resolve Course


DaVinci Resolve for iPad Course


Want some great Video and Music/SFX? Check out Artgrid and Artlist for some amazing royalty-free assets:

Artlist.io (MUSIC/SFX/VIDEO): https://bit.ly/3ayH9oL
Lighting provided by GODOX


Media Page – 00:05:10
Edit Page – 00:11:04
Starting an Edit – 00:20:00
Cut Page – 00:31:30
Fusion Page – 00:39:51
Color Page – 01:07:45
Fairlight Page – 01:43:42
Deliver Page – 02:03:32

This is a beginner walkthrough of DaVinci Resolve 19. We go over the basics of every page so you have a good understanding of what Resolve can do and where to find the tools.
Along with that we take the first steps into a short project, showing you the essentials for creating a short film.
This is the perfect place to start if you’re brand new to editing, or are moving from another platform and want to get familiar with the Resolve software, all updated for version 19!

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